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Marriage Commissioner

  • What do I need to get married?

The bare essentials you need to get married are two people who want to be married, two witnesses, a marriage licence, and a licensed marriage commissioner (like me!). Anything else you want to add (rings, guests, fancy clothes, food…) that’s all icing on the cake, if you will.

Who can get married?

Any two unmarried people who are consenting can get married in Saskatchewan. There are special requirements if you are under 18.

How do I get a marriage licence?

You can obtain a marriage licence at many different locations. You both must be present to obtain the licence. (If one person cannot be present, there is a special circumstances protocol.) Many insurance businesses will sell marriage licences, as well as jewellers! In Regina you can go to:

  • A Tymeless Event (by appointment only)
  • Aurelia Goldsmith Bullion Broker
  • Madni Islamic Centre & Mosque
  • Notary Public Regina
    Paper Umbrella
  • Paris Jewellers (Southland Mall)
  • Quality Goldsmiths Ltd.

To see where else in Saskatchewan you can purchase a marriage licence, check out this link.

*Note: You do not have to purchase a marriage licence in your home city/town, or in the city/town you intend to be married in. It just has to be from Saskatchewan.

When can I get married?

After you have your marriage licence, you can get married at anytime 24 hours after that purchase, or within 90 days of purchase.

What is the difference between a religious and civil ceremony? Are they both legal?

Both of these types of ceremonies are legal. There are basic legal requirements that need to be met in order to solemnise a marriage. A religious ceremony still has to meet the basic civil requirements but then has added religious connotations. A commissioner cannot add religion into their ceremonies (although the couple may choose to have religious readings by another speaker if they wish).

Does my name change automatically when I get married?

Nope! If you are wanting to change your name after marriage, you can start using the new name on unofficial documents and social media right away, but the legal changes can’t start until after you receive the Official Marriage Certificate from eHealth after the marriage.

How do I get a Marriage Certificate?

Your commissioner will give you an unofficial certificate upon the end of your ceremony, but the Official Certificate has to be ordered from eHealth Saskatchewan. It is good to wait a few weeks before ordering it to ensure all the paperwork has been processed. Follow this link to see the entire process.

Information from the Government of Saskatchewan regarding Marriages, Name Changes and Marriage Licenses. Marriages